Iron Chef Judge, Mo Rocca

WaitWait.jpgI've done an actual interview. Woo! Okay, it was a single question, and I didn't record it or anything, but I takes what I gots. I was at Thursday's taping of Wait Wait… Don't Tell Me! which will be airing today with special "Not My Job" guest Neil Patrick Harris. They tell us at the beginning that if you stick around through the re-takes, then you get to participate in the Q&A afterwards. When the time came, I raised my hand and, as I was in my new Threadless Shirt which was a pretty intense green, I was easy to spot, I was called upon. "I have a question for Mo. How do you keep getting to judge Iron Chef America?" At this point, someone in the back of the audience "woo!"s. I realized that the initial question could be interpreted one of two ways, so I clarified with, "Because that does seem like the best side job ever." Mo told us first that he always writes a thank you note, which would doom me as I am terrible about writing thank you notes. It's shameful, really. But he went on to say that whenever he is going to judge, he always starves himself that day, especially if Iron Chef Batali is cooking, as Mo would eat a brick if Batali cooked it, because it would be so tasty. So he always clears his plate, licking it if necessary. Whereas the other judges will often only eat a tiny bit of the food that they're given. He thinks that is his secret. Unfortunately, that didn't help with my secret agenda, figuring out how I could judge Iron Chef America. So, for now, it looks like the answer is that I will have to figure out how to Freeze Hell or graft useful wings on a pig or something first. Sigh.