TGRWT #13: Caraway and Chocolate/Cocoa

I may have to do this one. While reading what Erik at Fooducation wrote about the Food Timeline, I noticed that he is posting this month's They Go Really Well Together (TGRWT). TGRWT, as you may remember, is a food pairing competition. You take two ingredients that generally are not classically paired but should go together well anyways. This month's competition is Chocolate (or Cocoa) and Caraway. This sounds really good. Caraway is generally used in, well, rye bread. Probably other things as well, but it is most strongly associated with rye, at least for me. I've always loved hiding it in dishes as a kind of secret ingredient. I know exactly what I'm going to do with this, as well. Muhahaha. Details later. Later, I say! Go to the original post to learn how to enter, but the gist is to make something using this combo and post about it, good or bad, by December 31. Erik will round everything up and tell us more about how this pairing works.