Bacon of the...Month, you say?

Bacon of the MonthIt's hard to watch more than a few episodes of Molto Mario before you hear him start talking about artisanal bacon. Although there's not much more that absolutely needs to be read than the words "artisinal bacon", there are words that want to be written, so be written they shall. Pork, while a lovely meat product, is honestly a rather terrifying industry. The efforts that the large pig farmers (perhaps manufacturers would be a more evocative term, if not entirely accurate) go through to remain profitable are not pretty. Add onto that the need for pork to be a low-fat product, betraying it's tastiest of beginnings, and it's just enough to make a person sad. However, there are a few mavericks who dare to dream, and dare to make. And what they make is bacon. Bacon from pigs grown outside the system, bacon prepared with love, and bacon prepared in a way completely differently from the kind that you find on the grocery store shelves. Bacon that tastes, perhaps, a little like heaven, if heaven were edible. The Grateful Palate make it possible not only to buy this bacon, which is as much as a person could dream for, but to arrange that you receive, on your doorstep, a different artisinally crafted slab o' bacon each and every month. For real! I'm told that there are some bacons that are not, shall we say, as suited to everyone's tastes as others, but it's still supposed to be well worth the investment. "Wait!" you cry in horror. "Do you mean to say that you, The Food Geek, have never received artisinally crafted pork products on your very own doorstep on a regular, perhaps monthly, schedule? How can this be?" I reluctantly agree that this is a sad state of affairs, but what can one do? Perhaps one day I will make the leap, or the leap will be made for me. In the meantime, I will just dream porky dreams.