Roulette Chocolate

I've mentioned before that the spicy/sweet connection is getting stronger in Popular Culture. It's not quite there yet, but one of my local coffee houses has a Maya Mocha which, so you know, thoroughly sucks. Mind you, that's more because of their poor coffee than the concept of the mocha, but I can think of a good version of that, so I'll work on that at some point. Anyways, most of the products that mix spicy and sweet are niche products, and this is no exception. It's called Roulette Chocolate, and it's a series of twelve chocolate "bullets" that are mostly pure chocolate, with one that has what would appear to be a Thai chile hiding within. It's meant to be scary, but I suspect it would be mostly tasty. Perhaps not as good as my Chocolate Lava Fudge, but interesting nevertheless.

Cake in disguise

I do not support this trend. If you like a food, eat it how you like it, as long as it can't argue a case against your eating it. However, in this case, Japanese men are afraid to eat tasty, tasty cakes without them being disguised as, well, hamburgers or such. Bury your pride and enjoy your cake, I say. Still, it is their culture, and it is not my place to call them "pansies." I do salute the clever baker who came up with the scheme, as that is capitalism at its finest.