More changes

Okay, after having endless problems with Drupal (the lastest being that comments weren't posting, so sorry if you posted and it was lost), I've switched to WordPress. I'm not keen to change blogging software after this, so feel free to make an account and comment or what have you to show me that things do work the way I expect. Along with this, all the RSS feeds that were from the drupal site are different. The RSS feeds from feedburner are okay, and should remain that way, so I recommend subscribing to those. I am still trying to figure out how to redirect default feeds to the feedburner feeds, which would be nice. Also, I should probably try to make a feed that alerts those subscribed to the old feeds to subscribe to the new ones. Woo. Fingers crossed on having to do less webmastering and more content creation. It's not worked so far, but that's mostly because I've been setting the site up for the first time. Once that's done, I should be fine. If I don't tinker too much. Which I tend to do. I'm also trying out Disqus for comments. We'll see how that works.


I haven't made the kind of site that I originally intended to make a couple of years ago. I believe it's time for a re-creation, with a wider range of content type. Let's see what the next couple of months brings us, shall we?