Measurement conversions made easy

Although a good number of you will have memorized several measurement conversions in your time, I find that there are times when I don't want to have to, for example, convert cups into teaspoons, or what have you. The calculations aren't terribly difficult, but I'll have to find out what the conversion factor is, do the math, blah blah blah. There's an easier way, and that way is Google. Google has a handy conversion calculator built-in, if you know how to access it. So, when I had to find out how many teaspoons were in a half cup last night, I just typed into google teaspoons in a half cup and it told me "24". If you have any normal google accessing program, like Safari's Google bar, or Google Desktop, or what have you, just put it in, and it'll give you your answer in a jiffy. Sure you have to have internet access that's easily accessible, but I do, so I take advantage of it. Other conversion searches of more or less use: And so on.