Episode 6 - Baking, Magazines, and Rants

After far too long, I've finally finished Episode 6. It's a series of rants about magazine articles, and an story about weekend baking that didn't go as right as I might enjoy. Throughout the course of the episode, I play some music, specifically 'What to Do with Michael' by The Candy Butchers which is available through the Podsafe Music Network. I also mention Southwest Airline's magazine called Spirit. The other magazine is Gastronomica, which you can subscribe to below.

Incidentally, those who are into audio quality are going to notice that the episode is waaaay overcompressed. I just got a nice new mixer and compressor, and I am having to learn while I do. I'm no audio engineer, so it's going to be not so good. Many apologies, and I'll try to make it better next time. If anyone has any suggestions for setting up a TAPCO squeez, I'd be glad to hear it. I know intellectually what the knobs all do, but not a good way to adjust it. Feel free to email or comment below.