FN Crazy

FoodVu is a food site with a definite video bent. They host a number of different styles of short-format, food related video, including instructional and humorous videos. The flagship video series is The FN Crazy Show, which explores what's happening at the Food Network. Not to be confused with FN Dish, which is a Food Network-owned blog that occasionally intersects the television network. The FN Crazy Show follows Food Network shows, people, and trends in a way that shows they really do enjoy aspects of the Food Network, but it's the flaws that make for good copy. There's an underlying plot to the series of videos, generally having to do with a power struggle around the hosting of the series. Speaking of hosting, the show's primary host, Sarah East, is adorable, which is a French word meaning, "adorable." Oh, wait. Those actually look the same written out, don't they. Sigh. The delivery is fast and punchy, much like an older film where they wanted to fit in a lot of dialogue in a short space, and imitated in more modern times by The Hudsucker Proxy, Pushing Daisies, and The Middleman. Given the choice between delivering meaningful insight or making a joke, FN Crazy will go for the joke. That is not a criticism; the show is funny, and there are plenty of commentaries hidden in there, but if you're looking for a video show that's trying to change the fundamentals of inequality in society, this is probably not the one for you. So: I certainly recommend.