La Quercia: Prosciutto Masters and Lardo Makers

When I went to Italy a couple of years ago, the shining highlight of our trip to Firenze was a restaurant called Perseus. Primarily we went for the Bistecca alla Fiorentina, but Melanie noticed that they also had lardo. For an appetizer, we tried a piece of toast with a thin slice of lardo on top. It was clearly not only great food, but the best thing that one could ever hope to eat for breakfast. Unfortunately*, our local stores don't seem to carry lardo. However, there is a company in Iowa, La Quercia, that is making some reportedly fantastic prosciutto and, more importantly, lardo. I don't see a way to order lardo off of their web site without getting a bunch of other meats. I'm told that Whole Foods carries La Quercia brand items, but I highly doubt I'm going to find lardo at my Whole Foods. I'm going to check, obviously, but I am skeptical. Perhaps my perfect breakfast is closer than I though. via Slashfood. prosciutto.jpg *- Hahaha. 'Cause if I had a local source for lardo, I clearly would not die from cardiovascular problems within the year.