Scare Tactics

Now, I'm all about the "eating better" thing. No, really. Okay, kinda. I mean, sure, it's a good thing to do, we all know that. And sometimes I eat better than others. All right, I admit it: I could seriously stand to lose a few....what's the pound equivalent of a decade? Decapounds? Anyways, a few of those. However, despite what Nutrition Action would have you believe, these are not the Ten Foods You Should Never Eat (Ever). Eating any of those items once is not going to kill you. Even the chicken pot pie which is more than a day's worth of fat won't send you into cardiac arrest unless you're close to it anyways. Heck, even eating each of those things once won't kill you, for pretty much the same reason that going on a diet for a month or two won't let you lose those twenty pounds forever. We're a regulating system, that learns to adapt (to a point) to our inputs and outputs. Any lasting change isn't going to come from a slice of low-carb cheesecake. It's when that Mint Chip Dazzler becomes a regular thing that you'll be edging towards an early death. However, short of choking, food allergies, and things that are actually poisonous, it's unlikely that you're going to kill yourself on a single package of anything edible you can get from the grocery store or a fast food restaurant.