Thanksgiving lesson: fancy marshmallows

Sometimes we want to be a little playful with the Thanksgiving meal. Although during the rest of the season I will lean towards a more savory sweet potato casserole, in this particular instance we thought we'd give a nod towards the traditional method of sweet potatoing. In this instance, that meant putting marshmallows on top of the casserole. Still there didn't seem to be any sense in going completely traditional, so we decided to try the fancier, more-like-homemade marshmallows. They would, in fact, have been homemade, had I not been quite busy that evening, but I picked up some of the Whole Foods brand and just went with those. The thing about your standard marshmallows is that they'll retain their shape in the oven and just brown.
The thing about your fancy marshmallows is that they'll melt and cover the outside of your casserole dish when put in the oven to brown.
So, if you plan to do this yourself, please be smarter than we were and leave enough space inside the dish to contain the molten marshmallows. Now you know.* Incidentally, this post marks the successful completion of National Blog Posting Month. So: Yay, me! *- And knowing is half the battle.