The Food Geek on Fine Cooking…dot Com!

No, this isn't a rehash of the earlier post about being in Fine Cooking Magazine. Though, it can be restated, I am being published in Fine Cooking Magazine. So you know. Run out and get a subscription. Tell them I sent you. No, aside from that, I also have a weekly blog on The official title is Kitchen Mysteries with The Food Geek, and the first article is Toffee Troubles. Kitchen Mysteries is the equivalent to the local Food Mystery. In a nutshell, I take questions from readers (preferably through Twitter, but feel free to you my contact form or email me if you know my address) and answer them. Ideally, I'll answer them correctly and fix whatever problem has been plaguing one of you. If not, I expect that my incredibly smart legion of readers will chime in and show me how much I have left to learn (preferably in a nice way, but it's the Internet, so I'll understand if it's otherwise). So, please, read, comment, favorite, digg, whatever it is you kids do these days. I look forward to making many more of these.