A Year From Scratch

A year and a few months ago, Ben Snitkoff asked on twitter if anyone would be interested in working with him on a new food project. I had some time and was interested in something new to do, and so I volunteered. After a few months of planning, we launched A Year From Scratch.

The basic idea of A Year From Scratch was for each of us to create a recipe each week. These recipes were to be things that you would normally think of as store-bought, but which could be made at home. Usually, these things could be made easily from home. Last week, we wrapped up the year, with 104 recipes and 11 podcasts.

The project isn't over yet. Sure, the year is done, but that doesn't mean we won't have anything else to say on the subject of homemade, From Scratch goodness. So we've renamed the site A Life From Scratch, and it will be undergoing some other transformations as time goes on. We don't expect all of the new content to be recipes, and we certainly don't expect to make a recipe each per week. But we like the idea, and we're going to keep up with it.

For me, A Year From Scratch accomplished two goals: one, it got me focused on making some of the dishes that I've been wanting to make but just hadn't gotten to; two, it got me working on writing about cooking recipes. Writing recipes is, in many ways, harder than writing about food, food trends, and the science of food. Even if the recipes aren't all mine, or aren't mine at all, documenting the process of cooking a specific dish is something that I'd only do rarely. So it got me out of my comfort zone, which is good. You can't get better unless you also do things you feel like you don't want to do.

So, are there any things in your life you think might be good to do but you don't really feel like doing? It might be a good time to get those done. And you don't necessarily have to take a year to do them.

Incidentally, here's a list of all of the A Year From Scratch recipes and podcasts, and here's the link to my specific entries if you want to peruse those.