Banned Science Fiction Author Sells Prunes

Okay, this is actually a little old, but there's this great commercial of Ray Bradbury, author of many classic science fictions stories such as Fahrenheit 451, personally appearing on a commercial for prunes. Speaking of Fahrenheit 451, many people presume that the point of the book is the censorship of books due to governmental control. Not so, says the author. Apparently he was actually making the point that television was going to kill off the book, which is why he predicted giant televisions that cover entire walls. Can you imagine? A television the size of a wall? Some people are just crazy. In any case, the people who do ban Fahrenheit 451 from schools and libraries do it because they think that the book is about, well, burning books. That is always a fine source of irony when someone does an article about it. I think it would be fun for people to come up with other great author / shilling for the man combinations in the comments. Either imagined situations or links to actual commercials. Bonus points for it being food related. Via Boing Boing.