Alltop Bacon: All Bacon, All the Time

Automated bookmarking site Alltop, from Guy Kawasaki, has added a new channel: bacon. Because bacon makes everything better, Alltop is now instantly better. So if you feel you don't have enough bacon in your life, visit the Bacon Channel on Alltop. It looks like it has 18 bacon-specific newsfeeds, for roughly 90 bacon stories at any given time. There look to be bacon recipes, bacon podcasts, bacon reviews, and bacon songs. Update: Yeah, that's what laziness gets me. Guy Kawasaki dropped by and commented below, so I'll clarify what he's, um, clarified. Also: spelling error fixed. Alltop is created by people going about and finding a bunch of links to sites that follow a common theme. The automated bit is that it uses the RSS feed to grab the most recent stories from each site. It displays the headlines, and has some fancy technology to show you previews of the sites or the stories when you roll over them. Guy (and, I presume, his other editor or editors at this point) use personal knowledge along with the power of the internet to find their sites. I've seen a call for blogs of interest on twitter from him, and he is instantly deluged with what must be 200 billion or so recommendations. It's a good blend of technology and editing, in a compact form. If you're looking for some sites to follow, or you just don't use RSS or its related formats, then Alltop is a handy site to visit.