TFG Podcast 15 - Italian Adventure Part 2: Roman Holiday

Coloseo at night Celebrating the first episode of 2008, Italian Adventure Part 2: Roman Holiday, we have a cornucopia of delightful recommendations for people going to Rome, with a few other odds and ends thrown in for good measure: There is talk of many fine restaurants, some footwear advice, what you should do for tours, and a jab at a certain food celebrity. Who could it be, who could it be? Check out the acknowledgement page from the Whole Grain Book (upper left corner):

Podcast 14 - Italian Adventure Part 1

After touring the world, Brian is ready to give you the important food notes on Italy. But, no, not all of his notes on Italy, because then what would he talk about next time? That's right, it's a multi-part episode. How many parts? Nobody knows!

Podcast 13 - Molecular Gastronomy Primer

Finally. As millions of teeming fans have requested, I'm doing an episode on Molecular Gastronomy. Woo! Okay, nobody asked, but it's been on my mind, so I figured I'd give the basic ideas behind the concept, what it means today, an what it might mean in the future. Show Links

Podcast 11 - A really quick update

A really quick update. No, I mean it, really quick. It looks like I've overextended my time a little bit for the past month and the next few weeks, so the site is going to have to slumber until mid-October. In the meantime, here are some links for a few audio programs that might be of interest to my Podcast listeners, as well as those who read the site and who are also into audio programming.

Episode 6 - Baking, Magazines, and Rants

After far too long, I've finally finished Episode 6. It's a series of rants about magazine articles, and an story about weekend baking that didn't go as right as I might enjoy. Throughout the course of the episode, I play some music, specifically 'What to Do with Michael' by The Candy Butchers which is available through the Podsafe Music Network. I also mention Southwest Airline's magazine called Spirit. The other magazine is Gastronomica, which you can subscribe to below.

Incidentally, those who are into audio quality are going to notice that the episode is waaaay overcompressed. I just got a nice new mixer and compressor, and I am having to learn while I do. I'm no audio engineer, so it's going to be not so good. Many apologies, and I'll try to make it better next time. If anyone has any suggestions for setting up a TAPCO squeez, I'd be glad to hear it. I know intellectually what the knobs all do, but not a good way to adjust it. Feel free to email or comment below.

Episode 5 - Restaurants, Lies, and Spinning

Episode 5. Contents? First, how does restaurant cooking differ from home cooking, aside from the fact that you don't have to make it? Next, 'Wow, how did you come up with this great recipe?' 'Well, to be honest...' And finally: Spinning, as seen on TV. Addition: Faithful listener Dan S. sent in this link on Tarte Tatin, including far better legends about the tart we've been gossiping about. He also mentions that you don't need a special pan, despite what they say on Tyler's Ultimate. And indeed he adds that the point is the lack of a special pan.