Instructable Wednesday: The Lozenge

I love learning how to do things it just never occurred to me to do before. In this case, it's making my own cough drop. The thing about cough drops is that they are just specially flavored candy. Some may be vaguely medicinal, but there's something to be said for having your favorite herb, spice, or tea inside the lozenge that's soothing your throat. Normal candy making rules apply, so you can follow the normal rules for ingredient substitutions and dealing with changes in the environment (or not) as necessary.


Instructable Wednesday: Making LEGO-style Gummi-Style candies


Okay, there's a lot of potential trademark infringement going on in this Instructable, but the author (SFHandyman) actually does a lot better job than I did in obscuring the trademarks. The short of it is that this Instructable contains two important pieces of information:

  1. How to make a food-grade silicon mould;
  2. How to make gummy candies, the kind that are often in bear-shapes.

The shape that they're using is a kind of brickish, lego-y… oh, he uses LEGO bricks to form his mould. In any case, either part of this instructable is something to have in your bag of tricks, and both makes it required reading.

Instructable Wednesday: Space Invader Cookies


These little gems are labelled as Christmas Invaders, perhaps because of the many Doctor Who Christmas Specials (London is really a bad place to be at Christmastime), but the application is many and variable. You could use more than just two colors without too much trouble, and anything that can be turned into an icon could be made into a cookie with a handy template. Just zoom into the image of the icon until you can see the pixels clearly, and you, too, can make just about anything into a cookie.