Temperature Sensing

On of the concerns I'll have with the Kitchen Computer is how to actually measure the temperature of the various kitchen items in a way that can link into the computer. I've recently run across an article on a sensor for measuring temperature and how to use it. It's not quite what I need, as it only goes to 275°F, and that's not nearly warm enough, but I can scout around the various electronics supply houses and find one that matches my specifications. The best part of the article are the instructions on how to interface to the sensor, which will be good.

An advantage of using a homemade sensor rather than trying to work with pre-made sensors is that I have much more freedom of form factor. For example, if I want a permanent sensor (or series of sensors) in the fridge without drilling a hole in it (which my fiancée Melanie would likely frown upon for some reason), then I could connect the sensors to a ribbon cable, which shouldn't affect the working of the door at all. Plus, it's just that much cooler if I can build my own thermometer probes.