Metromint Peppermint Water

Peppermint WaterI ran across Metromint Peppermint Water at the store today, and as I am a mint whore, I had to get it. It's zero calorie, and the only thing that's been added is the peppermint. So no extra vitamins, no sugar, nothing that is so popular in the enhanced "waters" of the day. As you can see, the design of the bottle is fairly attractive. They also have a spearmint water, but I didn't try it. I did drink the peppermint water, though, and it tastes exactly like when you drink water while you're chewing peppermint gum. I can't say I'll ever buy it again, but it was an interesting experience. Probably less expensive to chew a piece of gum and drink a glass of tap water, I suspect.