Disposable teflon

I was at a cooking supply store today, and I noticed this package of 6 sheets of teflon coated paper for about $22.50. They were washable, but cut-able, and seemed odd. They were being marked as some kind of reusable parchment paper or somesuch, but they were nowhere near as durable as a Silpat.

I'm guessing the ideal application is if you have, for example, a small bakery, and you make this particularly sticky cake. So you can cut the teflon sheets to fit your cake pan, and wash it when it gets dirty. However, I just don't see this working for almost anybody. Parchment paper isn't all that expensive, and Silpats or, if you know how to handle them, the silicone baking dishes would probably work better.

Maybe there's some sort of specialty application they're great for (I see similar products for aiding in ironing transfer sheets, for example), but I can't say I'd advise using them in the kitchen.