Diet Coke floats

Diet Coke FloatsWhat? Ice cream and diet coke? Noooooo. That's crazy talk!

No, there's a curious little Coca Cola tidbit that goes like this: a can of Coke will sink to the bottom of a container of water, but a can of Diet Coke will float. Now, why would this be? The quick explanation is that Coke is denser than water, whereas Diet Coke is less dense than water. Simple, but not a satisfying explanation. What is satisfying is remembering that artificial sweeteners are far sweeter per gram than sugar, or even corn syrup, is. This means that a small percentage of weight will be the solid particles of the sweetener dissolved in the liquid when compared with sugar, so the diet soda is less dense.

However, it should be pointed out that, despite the introductory picture for this quick note, Coke does not sink while Diet Coke floats. If you push both cans down, they will both sink to the bottom of the water, but they will both rise back to the top. Still, the Diet Coke is far more quick to rise than the Coke, indicating it is more buoyant than the Coca Cola with sugar. However, if any of your friends swear that they saw on the internet that Diet Coke floats when Coke sinks, and you can't bring yourself to acquire two cans of soda and a container of water, point them to the picture below.

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