Caffeine variances in coffee shop, um, coffee.

Coffee variances brew caffeine overdoses
"We found a large a variance - larger than we anticipated - in the caffeine content in each of the espressos," he said.

"The range was 25 milligrams to 214 milligrams, which was far greater than we'd anticipated.

I found this via boingboing, and it emphasizes something I've been having a little trouble with. With the Case Study on coffee, I naturally intend to do a section on the effects caffeine and so on, and I've been considering mentioning how much caffeine is in different types of coffee by blend, method, etc. Unfortunately, there are a lot of factors to be considered, such that any simple analysis (i.e. short of a full-on scientific paper) would not be particularly useful. But read through the article, and see how that relates to your health.

Update: Here's an older, similar study.