Hardcore cooking - Knives. Part 3: The purchases

In the first part of this series, I told about my general difficulties with insisting that I be a proper cook even if I'm not a proper chef. Also that I am looking for a new knife. In the second part, I discussed the various research that I performed, and gave a few tricks for doing your own research on similar topics.

So, after all that work, did I get a good knife? Did I decide to outsource the sharpening? Am I mad?

Yes, I am quite mad.

For the knife, I purchased an excellent knife.


That is the Shun Classic 10-Inch Chef's Knife, and it is lovely. It's not as lovely as the Ken Onion knife I originally wanted, but the Classic had a couple of advantages. First, it was slightly cheaper. Second, although the Onion looked very comfortable, I was concerned that, as with the global knives, they wouldn't stand up to long-term usage the way a knife with a more traditional grip would.

Of course, during all of my research, I was thinking about MAC knives and all sorts of other crazy Japanese brands. Why didn't I go with those?

The short answer is: availability. There was no way for me to try those knives out, so I'd have know way of knowing how well they fit my hand. I could have extended the search for several months, locating retailers who had samples to try and compare, but in my heart I knew I loved the Shun, so there was really no reason not to get it. Maybe one day I will open the search up again, but I am quite happy for the foreseeable future.

80085_1_n.jpgFor the sharpening, well… I couldn't let my manhood go uncontested. Therefore, I have purchased a Standard Knife Sharpening Set from Epicurean Edge. Not a machine, which while acceptable if you get the proper brand and model is not nearly manly enough. No, I have a set of stones with 4 levels of grit. This will allow me to ensure that not only will my knives never be dull, but that I can remove any sort of damage from the edge.

Mind you, I've been told that I will be maintaining every knife in our collection now, not just my Chef's Knife. Which is fair, I think, though I may be paring down the selection before too much time passes. After all, I don't even use most of those knives now.