Lesson Learned: Possible; Robert Irvine is back on television

I would probably have skipped this story had I not made a big deal of it before, but it should be noted: Robert Irvine is returning to Dinner: Impossible. The official story is that Iron Chef New Guy was just filling in until, I dunno, Irvine was contrite enough or something.

Probably most of it was that he has a very vocal fan base who thinks that what he's done is not so bad. The press release says that he has worked hard to ensure that the record is straight and that he is sorry.

I look forward to more abuse of him by the producers, and I hope that this is the end of whatever controversies surround his past. I still think he should go up against an iron chef one-on-one, though. Perhaps Symon, as a kick-off to the new series. That seems appropriate.

via FNCrazy