Holiday Shopping: Jurassic BBQ Apron

Every good food geek requires properly geeky attire when cooking. Maybe not all the time; you can't just go getting dressed up in a lab coat when you just want to throw together some eggs and bacon, but when taking extinct animals and cooking them for pleasure and nutrition, sometimes you need a little something extra.

The WearScience store has just the thing: the Jurassic BBQ Apron. Perfect for the summer barbeque parties or the holiday get-togethers. Impress your friends! Frighten your family!


From the product page:

Hypothesis: Over 99% of prehistoric animal species are now extinct, many of which were no doubt delicious. By mastering advanced cloning techniques we can incorporate these long dead animal species into a unique and scrumptious BBQ experience.

Note: I'm not getting any money or other kickbacks from this, but I do think it's a swank design.