Although there are certainly some fine sources of cooking and food information that are presented with humor, history, science, and, occasionally, making stuff up, there are not enough of these sources. Thus, The Food Geek was born.

On a cold October day in 2005, Brian J. Geiger was bitten by a radioactive cupcake, and thus, The Food Geek was born.

In a world where Food and Science loved each other very much, The Food Geek was born.

Okay, that’s enough of that. This is a site devoted to food and food related topics. I’ll post articles, movies, podcasts, pictures, strange thoughts, links, and whatever else I think is important to me and to food. Or what I think is interesting, and I can justify in my mind as being related to food. Chances are, there’ll be a heavy amount of geekery in there some where. Just so you know.

All of the original work on this site, unless otherwise noted, is released under Creative Commons Attribution 3.0 United States License. Permissions beyond the scope of this license may be available at /about. What’s that mean?

That means that you can take any of the content I created and reuse it, remix it, and re-release it, and all you have to do is display prominently that it was created by The Food Geek at Prominently? Don’t make the text unreadable, done bury it in another page, don’t encrypt it so that only the NSA will know. If you have a place for credits, put it in there. If it’s in an article, quote it in the article. Have fun, make something cool with it. If it’s on the web, link to my home page, or the original article page. It would be keen if you also released your work under a Creative Commons license, but that’s not necessary. It’s a good idea, but I’m not requiring it. And you’d make me incredibly happy if you told me that you were using it. I might even link back to you. If you’re making a physical product like a book or a t-shirt, it would be even nicer if you sent me a copy. Not necessary, but nice.

I do freelance food writing, so if you’re interested in hiring me, feel free to contact me. I’m told that I am quite pleasant to work with. Or, if you just want to chat, ask a question, or tell me how great/terrible I am, feel free to contact me for that as well. I’m reasonably approachable.